Hi guys! I’m Sam Lorenzini.

I started making instrumentals during the pandemic period in May, 2020.
Stuck at home, used to performing live, I needed to keep playing and connecting with people, so I started my youtube channel:
Sam Backing Tracks

Thanks for visit my page, my channel and for support me!



& A

– Can I use an instrumental from your youtube channel?
– Sure! And it’s for free.
But if you use these instrumentals for a cover or live gigs, a donation of as much as you want would be greatly appreciated, it would help me continue doing this. 🙏🏽
Buy me a coffee (here)
or Paypal (here).

– I’m using several instrumentals from your channel. How can I thank you?
– The best way to support my work is to buy me a coffee (here) ❤️ or donate via Paypal (here). 🙏🏽

– Can I request a song?

– Sure! You can write it as a comment on YT, direct IG or sambackingtracks@gmail.com

– Can I upload my video cover on Youtube?

– Sure! Remember to mention Sambackingtracks with a tag. I want to listen to you and a donation is very welcome!

– Can I release a cover on digital stores (Spotify, Itunes, …) or using it on TV or Radio show?

– Yes, you have to purchase a Master Use License and all further royalties going to yourself.

In any case write to sambackingtracks@gmail.com and I’ll give you all the informations.

Request Your Instrumental

Request your instrumental by sending an email to

– Your Name
– Title of the Song (better the link from youtube)
– Type of use (Live gig, teaching, hobbies, etc…)
– Your Nationality

I will get back to you as soon as possible asking for a donation to support my work.
(if you want to distribute the song on digital platforms you will need a master use license)

Thank you very much!

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