Hi guys! I’m Sam Lorenzini.

I started making instrumentals during pandemic period on may 2020.
Close at home, used to performance live, I needed to keep playing and connect with people, so I started my youtube channel:
Sam Backing Tracks

Thanks for visit my page, my channel and for support me!


& A

– Can I use an instrumental from your youtube channel?
– Sure! And it’s for free. (subscribing is very welcome! 😉)

– I’m using several instrumentals from your channel. How can I support you?
– The best way to support my work is to become a Patreon. More info here.

– Can I upload my video cover on Youtube?
– Sure! Remember to mention Sambackingtracks with a tag. I want to hear you!

 – Can I publish a cover on Spotify or other digital stores?
– Sure but you have to publish your cover FEAT. Sam Backing Tracks or buy a license.
For any question write to sambackingtracks@gmail.com